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Expand your career potential with expert-approved CVs and cover letter templates

We’ve got successful CV writing down to a science.

Creating the perfect CV shouldn’t feel impossible. With Resume.io, it doesn’t have to be! Using advanced research tools, user feedback and expert advice, we’ve created the perfect platform for professionals looking to land their next job role.
Our A.I technology analyses your professional profile to create job-winning, pre-written content specifically tailored to the industry you’re working in.
Our products are built to help you create stunning, seamless professional documents to support your professional success. With helpful career blogs, expert artwork and industry-approved templates, Resume.io is here to help you simplify your job-search.

Focused on professional growth


We’re committed to helping professionals create compelling CVs and cover letters. Our team consists of experts specialising in design, marketing, development and analytics and more.


Resume.io is part of a worldwide workforce. As part of our commitment to diversity and inclusion, we work and collaborate with people from all around the globe. Come grow your career potential with Resume.io!


Need a CV? No worries. No matter where you are in the world, we’ve got you covered.


Voted Best Product on Product Hunt, with more than 50+ CV and cover letter guides and templates, we’ve got something for everybody.


With comprehensive guides, expert advice and a professional Cover Letter Builder and CV Builder, we’ll help you land your dream job role in no time.


Resume.io offers a range of customisable tools, professional pre-written content, and multiple file export options to help you stand out from the crowd.


Talent Inc acquires Resume.io, making exceptional career resources accessible for professionals all around the world.


With our career resources and videos, Resume.io has helped professionals around the world create millions of CVs in no time.


Resume.io and Career.io were both created with professionals in mind: By using Career.io’s job-search features and Resume.io’s advanced career tools, we’re here to help you create a job-winning CV with ease.


“As the head of SEO at Resume.io, we blend strategy and creativity to make job hunting easier for everyone. With our mission to help job seekers stand out, our aim is to increase digital visibility globally so that everyone’s career journey can be as smooth as possible.”

Adam Brown
Head of SEO

“Hi all, I am the Head of Product at Resume.io. Right now, the most important step in the hiring process is: the resume. On a daily basis, our product team works on improving the resume builder to help you create the best resume and cover letter as possible. Our mission is to provide our users with top-tier tools to create a high quality resume in the shortest time.”

Anna Bychkova

“Your resume is the most important thing in your application, with this you can stand out from others!”

Lotte van Rijswijk
Content Team Lead

“Experienced backend developer skilled in Ruby on Rails working as a Senior Software Engineer in Resume.io marketing. I support the growth of Resume.io to new markets. We make the resume builder accessible in more languages and for more people across the world.”

Neetesh Gupta
Senior Software Engineer

“I contribute to the overarching mission of resume.io – empowering individuals to present their unique stories effectively and get the dream job. Design bridges the gap between innovation and usability, shaping the way users interact with our platform.”

Oksana Vinogradova
Senior Product Designer

“Happy to be part of this amazing team! Trying to spread the word around the world so everyone can benefit from our services. A quick way to ease and speed up your job search journey - we all know sometimes it can be frustrating.”

Nadia Tártalo
Digital PR Coordinator

“Every day, I am working to get the best content online together with the Content & SEO team. We make sure the planning is in line with all the different people around the world we work with. Because of this diverse team, we provide the best articles and examples to help people in the first step of their career, or the first step towards another career!”

Content Planner

“In a few years we have grown to several writing teams all over the world who are writing amazing content for us. Good content planning is crucial in this case. With our content planning team we are taking care that our visitors can read the most interesting content based on the latest trends on a daily basis.”

Birgit Peijnenborg
Head of Content Planning

As a Product Manager for Resume.io, I work closely with the marketing team to build an helpful and cheerful website all about resumes. Our goal is to make sure the resume tools and all-important tips reach job seekers looking to improve their resumes and cover letters - and get you that job!

Sophie Tarif
Product Manager

We are worldwide

Resume.io is an international brand: with over 20 languages available on our site, we provide our services to job-seekers and professionals all around the world. We understand the importance of local expertise, which is why our team consists of professionals from every country we operate in. That’s excellence. That’s Resume.io.

We're part of the Career.io family

Career.io's network of companies connects you with career experts dedicated to elevating your professional potential. By leveraging cutting-edge AI and digital tools, our platform streamlines your job search, accelerates your career progression, offers industry-specific career coaching, and much more. We’ve worked with industry experts to design a platform that empowers professionals, boosts their career prospects, and maximises their career potential. With Career.io, you'll find all the tools and support you need to thrive in today's competitive job market.

Beautiful designs built for professionals. Community approved, expert endorsed.

4.5 out of 5
based on 18 reviews
With this app it is easy to make a CV.
With this app it is easy to make a CV.
Alexis • 7 days ago
This really helped me to re create my…
This really helped me to re create my CV. AI experience is amazing, i would recommend.
Nikole S-B • 3 months ago
Great tool
Great tool. It was very easy to use
Lesly Gouveia • 3 months ago
Easy to use
This website is amazing; it's so easy to create your CV and fully customize it.
Ron • 3 months ago
It was a great experience and helped to…
It was a great experience and helped to get more ideas about making of a perfect CV. THANKS
Swathi Krishna • 4 months ago
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