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With this app it is easy to make a CV.
With this app it is easy to make a CV.
Alexis • 7 days ago
This really helped me to re create my…
This really helped me to re create my CV. AI experience is amazing, i would recommend.
Nikole S-B • 3 months ago
Great tool
Great tool. It was very easy to use
Lesly Gouveia • 3 months ago
Easy to use
This website is amazing; it's so easy to create your CV and fully customize it.
Ron • 3 months ago
It was a great experience and helped to…
It was a great experience and helped to get more ideas about making of a perfect CV. THANKS
Swathi Krishna • 4 months ago

Cover letter for CV

Creating a cover letter for your CV is one of the best things you can do to increase your chances of landing an interview and the position. That’s because this document is the secret weapon of your application. Since your cover letter is much more freeform than your CV, it allows you to speak directly to the hiring manager and draw their attention to your unique abilities, qualifications and motivations. It also gives you a chance to explain any gaps in work history, nontraditional career paths or general questions that might arise from your CV.

Good cover letter writing is extremely important when it comes to convincing a hiring manager that you’re the perfect applicant for the position. However, it’s not the only thing that counts. You first need to catch a hiring manager’s attention. That’s where a great cover letter template for your CV comes in. Our collection of expertly-designed templates help you create attractive visual design while giving you plenty of room to discuss your skills and experience.

What’s more, all of our free cover letter templates have corresponding CV templates so that you can create a polished application with a consistent look across all of your materials. By creating this “personal brand” for your documents, you are able to convey your interest in the position before the recruiter even reads the first word on the page. These are just a few of the reasons why creating a cover letter for your CV is one of the best ways to increase your chances of job search success!

How to create a great cover letter format

Once you’ve invested the time to write a beautiful and convincing cover letter, finding the right format can feel like a chore. But it doesn’t have to be! A great cover letter format is made up of simple elements, all of which are found inside our cover letter templates.

First, you’ll want to keep a balance of white space to text. This helps alleviate visual fatigue so that the recruiter doesn’t stop reading your cover letter halfway through. You’ll also want to use a limited number of font styles so that your cover letter format has a consistent look throughout. Last, but certainly not least, is an attention-grabbing header. Whenever possible, try to align the look of your cover letter header to the one on your CV to create a professional image across your entire application.

A great cover letter format becomes a lot easier when you have a head start. Our cover letter templates are designed to take the stress out of formatting so that you can focus on writing that conveys your strengths. Each template is flexible and modifiable so that you can create a style that speaks to your personality. Breath easy, we’ve put a great cover letter format right at your fingertips. And the best part? It’s completely free.

Template for job application letter

Need a great template for a job application letter? We’ve got you covered! Job application letters accompany your CV to explain your motivations for applying and the skills and experience you bring to the role. With such importance placed on this document, you never want your formatting to feel like an afterthought. That’s why our collection of templates for job application letters are easy-to-use, professional and attractive. You focus on the writing, and we’ll handle the rest.

Free cover letter template for Word/PDF

At, we know just how much of a difference a great cover letter can make in landing you your next position. That’s why we’ve made all our cover letter templates free to download as Word or PDF files. Whatever the needs of your potential employer, we’ve got you covered with stylish and functional cover letter templates that come in the most common formats.

Word downloads are great for when you think you’ll need to modify your cover letter template offline. Otherwise, we recommend PDF which is the best format to ensure that the layout you design is the one that will make it to the hiring manager’s desk. PDF is most consistent between computers and softwares. Whichever you choose, know that our free cover letter templates for Word or PDF are designed to highlight your unique qualifications.

Modern cover letter templates

A modern cover letter template is essential for roles in marketing, communications, design and technology. Our collection features bold lines, energetic colors and fonts that convey movement and positivity. If innovation and resourcefulness are your top characteristics, look no further than a modern cover letter template.

A modern cover letter template for your CV is also a great way to set yourself apart in a crowded field. These templates offer eye-catching color and just a bit of edginess to send a clear message that you’re a candidate who is built differently. When a fresh approach counts, it’s time to define yourself with a modern cover letter template.

Professional cover letter templates

Professional cover letter templates are the classics that never go out of style. And although they offer a polished image, they’re anything but boring. This collection offers sharp lines, great organizational structure and neutral color palettes so that you can give hiring managers what they’re looking for while still making a statement.

Professional cover letter templates are often the best choice for jobs in fields like medicine, law, education or business and management. These templates keep the focus on your achievements and skills so that a hiring manager is sure to read through to the end of your cover letter. If it’s time to impress with your expertise, look no further than a professional cover letter template.

Simple cover letter templates

Simple cover letter templates are truly the secret weapons of our template collection. They’re versatile to work for a variety of job titles and experience levels all while conveying class and style in a clean format. Simple templates point the hiring manager’s attention to what you have to say so that you can make a great first impression from the very first line.

We recommend simple cover letter templates for tradespeople, career starters and students. These templates help show a hiring manager your work ethic and professionalism without ever distracting from what you have to say. They are easy to adjust and rearranging, so the power is always in your hands.

Creative cover letter templates

Creative cover letter templates are for when a bold approach is the only approach. This collection features some of our most fun designs with exciting backgrounds, colorful headers and emphasis on your name and contact information.

Creative templates are great choices for those in the fields of art, photography, design or music. They allow you to show off your personal style and catch a hiring manager’s interest before they even begin to read the first paragraph. Another advantage of a creative cover letter template is that it can be modified to suit the company’s tone so that you can be sure you’re making the right first impression.

Build your cover letter in no time
Build your cover letter in no time
Make a lasting impression and get hired faster with our collection of free, expertly-crafted cover letter templates.
Create Cover Letter
Build your cover letter in no time
Build your cover letter in no time
Make a lasting impression and get hired faster with our collection of free, expertly-crafted cover letter templates.
Create Cover Letter
Our most popular cover letter examples
If you need some help to build a great and memorable cover letter, our template library is the perfect place to start. Using our templates and builder, you can create a beautiful and custom cover letter in no time. Have a look at our samples for some inspiration.

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