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Robert Clayton • 7 days ago
j'aime le dynamisme du système
j'aime le dynamisme du système, la présentation et ses algorithmes des suggestions, merci.
Hans Mututi • 22 days ago
With this app it is easy to make a CV.
With this app it is easy to make a CV.
Alexis • about 1 month ago
This really helped me to re create my…
This really helped me to re create my CV. AI experience is amazing, i would recommend.
Nikole S-B • 4 months ago
Great tool
Great tool. It was very easy to use
Lesly Gouveia • 4 months ago

Free CV templates

What’s better than a polished CV template right at your fingertips? One that you can try out for free, of course! Create your perfect CV in a few clicks and download a .txt file for free, or check out our PDF and Word versions for the best format with no fuss. 

At, we wish that every job search could be stress-free. That’s why we’ve created more than 200 free examples that can be placed into any of our templates. Add, delete and rearrange the sections to create a CV that works for you. Our templates give you a jumping off point to highlight your skills and experience in a functional and attractive layout.

A new job can be a life-changing experience. is by your side to help you create the perfect CV that opens doors to a world of possibilities. Our CV templates are designed with input from hiring experts so that you can be sure you’re making a great first impression. And our commitment to ease-of-use means that each template is as dynamic as you are.

Our templates come in four categories, each with their own advantages depending on your field and experience level. Try out any one you’d like and customize it for your specific needs. Turns out it’s not the right template for you? Simply pick another and your information will load right in. Our templates are risk-free so changing your mind is never an issue.

What makes a great CV template

The best CV template is always the one that works for you – whether that means an expanded skills section, plenty of room for employment history or even a bold background color. You should be equally drawn to the presentation of the template and it’s functionality. After all, the goal is to showcase your unique strengths inside of a polished layout.

There are a few things to look for when choosing a great CV template. First, consider your experience. Are you likely to need plenty of room to express your achievements in your previous positions? Or does a template with more space for skills and education seem to fit you better? Look for templates that place the focus on your strengths and will draw the hiring manager’s eye to the areas you want to highlight.

The header is also one of the biggest considerations for a great CV template. Depending on your job and field, you may want to catch the hiring manager’s attention with a template that’s bold and bright. The header is likely the place to add a splash of color or even a photo of you if appropriate for the country where you plan to work. When in doubt, a neutral template can give you all the advantages of good style without coming across as eccentric.

CV templates for every job

If all jobs were the same, how boring the world would be! That’s why we’ve created CV templates that can work for every experience level, field and job title. All that’s left to do is choose the one that speaks to you. A great CV template can help show off your personality and professional style, so make sure to pick a template that captures the message you want to send to the employer.

The first step is to take into account the employer’s image and branding. What tone do they use on their website? Is the logo full of fun, bright colors or does it reflect a more reserved approach? Once you have a better idea of the company’s values and style, you can choose a template that aligns with their tone. Some companies will prefer a bolder approach whereas others appreciate a toned-down CV template.

When in doubt, it’s a good idea to go with a more subdued CV template. That’s because even a simple template can offer a great mix of style and functionality. If you haven’t quite gotten a feel for the company tone, a neutral template with strong lines or a bold font can help you find the balance – a CV template that’s professional but never boring!

Modern CV templates

A modern CV template shows the hiring manager that you’re just as innovative as the company you hope to join. These templates are full of our boldest fonts, brightest colors and sleekest headers. They help you make a strong first impression from the second a hiring manager lays eyes on your CV. 

Our modern CV templates help you convey energy and the desire to make an impact. They’re the perfect fit for jobs in tech, start-ups or design – any place where showing off your individuality and determination can only be seen as a good thing. 

Professional CV templates

When you need no less than the best, turn to our professional CV templates to create a polished look. This collection is all about expertise and experience, without forgoing the style. These templates use neutral colors and strong lines to keep the focus on what really matters: your skills and achievements.

Our professional CV templates are the best choice for fields like medicine, education and finance since they offer the structured look that hiring managers in this field expect to see. These templates are the perfect choice for candidates with years of experience in the field who wish to convey a serious approach and a history of success.

Creative CV templates

Sometimes creativity is not an option – it’s a requirement. In those cases, our line of creative CV templates can help you show off your passion for design and unique abilities without spending hours fighting with graphic design software. Our line of creative templates offers colorful backgrounds, fun fonts and even space for a photo of yourself in the header.

Creative CV templates are perfect for jobs in the fields of photography, art, design, music or just about any situation where you want to highlight your unique perspective. A creative template helps you convince an employer that you’re the whole package – an experienced candidate who’s ready to get the job done with flair and style.

Simple CV templates

Our simple CV templates are the ultimate proof that less is more. These designs are straightforward and clean which puts the emphasis on what’s really important: your unique skills and experiences. Our simple templates are never boring, however. Instead, they contain the ideal ratio of white space to text, attractive headers and structured sections.

Simple CV templates are perfect for career starters, students or people applying to entry-level positions, but they are also great options for manual careers like tradework or logistics jobs. If you need to place the focus on your concrete abilities, look no further than a simple template.

Craft a compelling CV in minutes
Craft a compelling CV in minutes
Use expert-approved, professional CV templates built to engage your prospective employers
Create My CV
Craft a compelling CV in minutes
Craft a compelling CV in minutes
Use expert-approved, professional CV templates built to engage your prospective employers
Create My CV

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