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At, we're here to streamline your job search. Join us on our mission to simplify and enhance your job-search experience today!

At, we’re on a mission to make career resources accessible for everyone. That’s why we offer free trials to your audience! Users can experience the full functionality of at absolutely no cost and use our tools and features to create professional CVs and cover letters. All of our cover letters and CV templates have been developed and designed by professionals.

We like to partner with affiliates who want to make a meaningful impact where it matters. By joining our affiliate program, you have the opportunity to contribute to the career growth of your audience and help them achieve the next level of their professional success. Together, we can empower individuals to unlock their full career potential.
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Think you’re a good fit? Click on the sign-up link below to become a member of the Affiliate Program! Once you’re approved, we’ll send you your partnership agreement and all the resources you need to get you started. All of our affiliates have access to a professional dashboard and dedicated account manager to help support you through your affiliate journey.

As an international brand, we operate in over 25 countries. While our affiliates primarily use EUR as their default currency, we offer the convenience of receiving commissions in a currency of your choice based on your personal preference.

Our programme includes
90 Day Cookie
Start earning money using the traditional 30-day cookie window.
Advanced data tools and metrics
Monitor your progress using advanced tools and statistics.
Receive competitive commissions
Earn income on trial-sign ups and subscriptions.
High conversion rates
Earn while making an impact.
Get paid based on your preferences
We pay, on time, every month.
Premium presentation
Create compelling professional documents with captivating design layouts and templates.
Easy, quick onboarding process
Most affiliates can get started in less than one week. is expanding!
Create compelling professional documents with captivating design layouts and templates.
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