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Carpenter CV Example & Writing Guide

Make the perfect CV and land your dream job in with our Carpenter job-specific CV example and writing guide in 2024. Simply enter your details, download, and start your job application right away!
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Carpenter CV Example & Writing Guide
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With their exceptional woodworking abilities and crafty creativity, carpenters play a crucial role in the construction industry. If you're a carpenter looking to craft a convincing and compelling CV, you've come to the right place! Our comprehensive CV guide is designed to help you create a standout CV that boosts your chances of getting your dream carpenter job. 

How to write a carpenter CV

There’s good CVs, then there’s great CVs. Here at CVapp.ie, we’re focused on helping you create CVs that go beyond great. To create a memorable carpenter CV, you’ll need the following sections:

  • The header
  • The professional summary
  • The employment history section
  • The skills section
  • The education section

Not sure what each section entails? No worries: we’ll walk you through! 

Formatting your CV 

Carpentry relies on practical experience and skill. If you have held different roles in the carpentry industry, you may want to use the traditional reverse chronological format for your CV. This means starting with your most recent job title and employer, and then going back in time to include all relevant professional experience. If you’re not sure what a reverse chronological CV format looks like, check out our examples in the CVapp.ie CV builder! Each of our templates uses the reverse chronological format. 

Another essential element of your CV’s formatting is the header. The purpose of the CV header is to immediately capture the attention of employers and to display your name, profession, phone number, and email address. Employers need to know how to get in touch with you, so it's important that this information is accurate and up-to-date! An eye-catching design for the CV header also helps distinguish your job application from others, so be sure to choose from one of the attractive and sophisticated CV headers in our online builder. 

Professional summary example

The professional summary section offers a valuable opportunity to highlight your essential qualifications and skills that make you a perfect fit for the role you’re applying for! In this section, you can emphasise significant aspects relevant to the carpentry role you’re applying for, such as licenses you possess or any valuable experience you have gained through apprenticeships. To maximise the impact of this section, we recommend keeping the professional summary concise: 3-5 sentences is best! This approach allows you to provide a glimpse into your strengths, piquing the hiring manager's curiosity and motivating them to delve deeper into the other sections of your application, where they can discover more about you. Winning! 

If you need further inspiration, check out our professional summary example below: 

Adaptable resume summary example

Professional, purpose-driven carpenter with over eight years experience working in the carpentry industry. Fully qualified and skills in a range of areas essential to the carpentry craft, including operating machinery, framing and construction. responsible resource management and installation. Excellent communication skills and a talent for completing all jobs and projects to the utmost level of excellence. Dedicated to bringing the visions and dreams of clients to life. 


Employment history sample: Your professional track record

When it comes to the employment history section, be sure to include all the relevant experience you have in carpentry or any other positions where you acquired transferable skills. It's important to use strong action verbs that effectively communicate your accomplishments and to focus on highlighting job-specific achievements that showcase your qualities as a strong candidate. To better understand the company's priorities, we also recommend carefully reviewing the job description and tailoring your abilities to match their requirements. 

Whenever feasible, outline your achievements by incorporating measurable numbers, facts, and figures to demonstrate the tangible impact you made in your previous roles. By following these guidelines, you'll create a compelling employment history section that effectively showcases your value as a potential candidate.

Adaptable resume employment history sample

Carpenter at Jack & Jack Carpenters, Wexford 
January 2016 - Present 

  • Built walls, kitchens and bathrooms for over 85 clients across County Wexford
  • Installed cabinetry, decks, floors and windows for over 50 clients across County Wexford and County Cork
  • Monitored project expenditure and ensured all costs were within budget constraints
  • Drafted and interpreted blueprints and construction plans
  • Collaborated with other professionals to complete projects to a secure and superior finish


Framing Carpenter at David Byrne Carpenters, Cork 
January 2012 - November 2015 

  • Created and interpreted blueprints to safely complete over 45 carpentry projects
  • Installed doors, windows and external frameworks to over 75 clients across County Cork
  • Collaborated with other professionals, including plumbers, architects and electricians to ensure a safe finish for each project
  • Drafted quality assessments to adequately complied with all Irish health and safety standards
  • Maintained a safe and organized work environment, while ensuring the responsible and sustainable management of all project resources

Carpenter education example: Share your smarts

In a carpenter CV, it's important to emphasise both your experience and education. While the experience section may be longer and highlight your practical skills, the education section shouldn't be overlooked. It's essential to include any relevant degrees, certifications, apprenticeships, or continuing education courses you've completed. If you’ve completed your Safe Pass Certificate, you can include that in this section, too! 

Here’s our example of a great carpenter education section:

Adaptable education example

Level 5 Carpentry & Joinery Course, Cork school of carpentry , Cork 
September 2009 - September 2011 

Leaving Certificate, St. Patrick's Secondary School, Cork 
September 2005 - June 2009


CV skills example: Your professional strengths

In the CV skills section, you should provide a concise list of professional qualities that you want employers to notice. To identify the most valued attributes, remember to refer to the job description! Additionally, it’s always great to mention technical proficiencies and hard skills such as software knowledge or familiarity with building codes. Don’t forget to include some soft skills to showcase your ability to collaborate effectively with others! 

Here’s an example of a compelling skills section: 

Adaptable resume skills sample
  • Blueprint Reading Skills
  • Safe Working Skills
  • Advanced Carpentry Skills
  • Operation and Control Skills
  • Mathematical Skills
  • Knowledge of Power Tools and Hand Tools
  • Flooring Installation Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Framing and Construction Skills

CV layout: Put your best foot forward

Crafting a polished CV is essential to standing out to employers. A simple style category can often provide a user-friendly format that showcases your skills effectively. Additionally,  incorporating a pop of colour or other design elements can be a nice touch if you feel it aligns with the preferences of your prospective employer. No matter what your design preferences, we have something for everyone on the CVapp.ie website. If you’re ready to kickstart your carpentry career, or simply want to refresh your CV to reflect your professional potential, we’ve got you covered.

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Craft a compelling CV in minutes
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