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Physical Therapist CV Example & Writing Guide

Make the perfect CV and land your dream job in with our Physical Therapist job-specific CV example and writing guide in 2024. Simply enter your details, download, and start your job application right away!
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Physical Therapist CV Example & Writing Guide
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Successful CV Writing For Physical Therapists

Whether you're looking for your next physical therapist role or you'd like to enhance your current CV, it's important that the CV you present to potential employers effectively highlights the professional value you have to offer. At CVapp.ie, we’ll help you unlock your potential as a physical therapist with a CV that effectively showcases your skills and expertise. We’ve taken the frustration out of formatting with our easy-to-use CV templates. Whether you’re looking for a modern, creative, simple or professional template, we’ve got something for everyone. 

Professional Profile: Let your professional potential shine

When employers are reviewing applications, the first section they tend to review is the professional profile. For this reason, it's important that this section is optimised to effectively present your professional value. The professional profile should convey the unique strengths and qualifications that make you an ideal candidate for the role. To make a truly powerful first impression, start by outlining any skills, accomplishments, qualifications or certifications that may stand out to employers. While it's important to keep your professional profile brief, it should still provide enough information to capture the attention of employers and convey your professional value effectively. The recommended length for a professional profile is typically 3-5 sentences. In this limited space, you need to make every word count. Check out our example below for a great example of a physical therapist professional profile: 

Adaptable resume example for the summary

Professional and knowledgeable physical therapist focused on improving and improving the quality of life for all patients. Skilled in patient diagnosis, manual therapy techniques, balance training, patient care, chronic condition management and physical evaluations. Fully registered with the Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists (ISCP). Dedicated to promoting healing and injury prevention and working with patients to achieve optimal health results. 


Employment History: Effectively summarise your career journey

The employment history section of your CV showcases your professional journey, highlighting relevant professional experiences and achievements. Here, you'll be able to outline any previous positions and the impact you achieved in each role. Start by listing our previous positions in reverse chronological order, starting with your most recent job. For each position, include the job title, the name of the organisation, its location, and the duration of your employment.

Next, use bullet points to elaborate on what you achieved in each role. You can highlight your expertise in areas such as patient care, diagnosis, treatment planning, and rehabilitation techniques. To make your employment history stand out, go beyond listing generic responsibilities by using numbers, facts and figures where possible. Employers love seeing numbers and data that can accurately demonstrate the value you can offer. We recommend tailoring the content of each position to align with the requirements of the physical therapy role you're applying for.  For this reason, be sure to read the job description of each position you're applying for thoroughly. This will ensure that you can meet the specific needs of employers effectively. Remember, your employment history section should be a compelling narrative of your growth, expertise, and accomplishments as a physical therapist. By effectively articulating the responsibilities you held, the impact you made, and the achievements you attained, you enhance your chances of making a strong and memorable impression on potential employers!

Adaptable resume example for the employment history 

Physical Therapist at George Wilde Physiotherapy, Cork
January 2019 - October 2022

  • Treated and consulted over 450 patients, performing diagnostic tests including range of motion tests, imaging tests and gait analysis
  • Developed detailed treatment plans for patients to target pain, inflammation and chronic condition management
  • Assessed trauma and damaged muscles, carefully utilizing physical therapy techniques to treat sensitive, injured areas
  • Monitored the progress of patients, tailoring treatment plans over time to improve conditions, inflammation and mobility


Physical Therapist at Patrick & Co Physiotherapy, Cork
June 2010 - December 2018

  • Worked with over 500 clients, carefully assessing their conditions and injuries and developing curated treatment plans
  • Employed physical therapy techniques and treatments to manage injuries and reduce inflammation
  • Collaborated with other healthcare professionals, including doctors, to prescribe medication where required and necessary
  • Performed diagnostic tests on patients to identify issues, including imaging tests, muscle testing and motion and coordination tests
  • Educated patients on appropriate management and treatment of injuries and conditions, providing resources for extra support if necessary

Education: Highlight your academic achievements 

Employers place significant importance on formal qualifications when considering candidates for the role of physical therapist. Alongside your experience and expertise, formal qualifications provide employers with the assurance that you have received the proper training and education, making you a suitable candidate to fulfill the responsibilities of a physical therapist. You should include details of your qualifications in this section, prioritising your highest educational achievement first, e.g., if you have completed a Bachelor's in Physiotherapy and a Masters in Physiotherapy, you'll want to list your Master's degree first.

You can also include any examples of scholastic achievement in this section, as well as academic accolades and accreditations. We’ve got a great example of an effective education section below: 

Adaptable resume example of the education section 

Bachelor of Science at University College Cork, Cork
September 2007 - June 2011
Graduated with a Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Physiotherapy


Skills: Outline your point of difference

The skills section should emphasise any skills and abilities you possess that align with the requirements for the job you're applying for. It’s essential that you read the job description to understand what skills employers are looking for, and that each skill you list in this section is relevant, significant and accurate. As a physical therapist, you have a diverse range of skills, and this is the perfect place to share your strengths! It's best to include a range of both hard and soft skills in this section. Hard skills are usually more technical and physical, e.g., therapy techniques and modalities, whereas soft skills are typically more interpersonal and allow you to establish rapport with patients, e.g., communication skills, organisational skills and problem-solving skills. So, what type of value can you offer to the workplace? What’s your point of difference? Check out our customisable skills section below for some extra inspiration: 

Adaptable resume example of the skills section
  • Clinical and Academic Experience
  • Diagnosis and Treatment
  • Best Medicine Practices
  • Physical Evaluations
  • Preventative Care
  • Treatment Plans
  • Patient Education
  • Patient Care
Craft a compelling CV in minutes
Craft a compelling CV in minutes
Use expert-approved, professional CV templates built to engage your prospective employers
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Craft a compelling CV in minutes
Craft a compelling CV in minutes
Use expert-approved, professional CV templates built to engage your prospective employers
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